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Now if you place your order by Thursday midnight you will have your order dispatched on Monday for delivery on Tuesday the following week.

Please note that when you receive your automatic confirmation online please ignore the message ‘Online Delivery No Shipping’ The cost of the delivery is included in the price already.
Larger Packs
If you would be interested in ordering a larger quantity of milk than is currently available in the website shop, e.g. greater than 24 pints, please do get in touch with us. The price per pint reduces with the larger orders, but at present our automated ordering online shop is unable to cope with a larger consignment. If you would like a larger order or even a bespoke order with milk, butter and cream which meets your requirements please email for details how to place your order and payment options.

Isle of Wight deliveries
There is a delivery surcharge, please contact the office for details
Scotland & Islands
We are pleased to offer a delivery service to Scotland but unfortunately some postcode areas do carry an extra courier charge. Before placing your order via our online shop please check that your postcode is covered as standard by opening the
PDF List. If your postcode is outside the delivery zones please email for details how to place your order and payment options.
Regular Orders/Standing Order
If you order from us on a regular basis and would like to place an automatic order Please contact for details and standing order form.


Please contact for a standing order form.