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If you live in Hailsham, Hellingly, Alfriston, Berwick, Dicker, Eastbourne, Pevensey, West Ham, Polegate, Willingdon, you can go on the milk round. If you live anywhere else in England Scotland and Wales, you can have the milk delivered once a week. Here goes...

There are two delivery services, depending where you live. There is a very local service, and a national delivery service.
If you live in Hailsham, Hellingly, Alfriston, Berwick, Dicker, Eastbourne, Pevensey, West Ham, Polegate, Willingdon, you can go on the milk round. Our lovely raw milk is delivered twice a week on Mondays and Fridays in returnable, re-usable glass pint bottles. The price of our milk when delivered lovely glass pint bottles is £1.00 per pint. If you wish to become a customer contact uson 01323 449494 or e-mail, with your address, telephone number and delivery requirements. We can supply our organic raw milk from our grass fed organic herd of Pedigree, Holstein Friesans alongside products such as free range eggs from Dunstars Farm, organic smoothies and yoghurt from a neighbouring farm, Court Lodge. We make  142 ml & 284ml pots of our thick raw cream and churn our cream to make 200g rolls of raw butter, both unsalted and lightly salted, we also make ghee from our raw butter. The ‘Halen Môn Anglesey Sea Salt’ that we use in the production of our lightly salted raw butter has been awarded ‘PDO (Protected Designation of Origin)’  protected food name status by the European Union. The Anglesey Sea Salt Company have been hand-harvesting the famous sea salt from the Menai Strait for 17 years.
We can deliver our raw butter and raw cream on Fridays, the other products are available on Mondays too.
We have organized a new nationwide service following enormous demand for our wonderful raw milk from all over the country. You can now have our raw milk delivered to you wherever you live in England, Wales, and most of Scotland.Further information on delivery in Scotland can be found here
The milk is cooled down to 2°c, when it is very cold the milk is then bottled and packed into our insulated cardboard box and collected by the courier to be delivered to you the next day, so your milk will arrive very fresh. Our delivery days are a Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. To receive a Tuesday delivery you need to place your order between Tuesday and Friday of the previous week. For a Wednesday delivery please order on the preceding Saturday. To receive an order on the Thursday please place your order on a Sunday or Monday. All orders received after Midnight on Monday will be carried forward to the following week.
If a ten pint pack is too much milk for your own use, see if there is someone you know nearby who could share a ten pint pack with you, so that you can have your lovely organic raw milk delivered to your door for the cheapest price per pint!
To place an order, please follow the link to BUY MILK HERE and follow the instructions for credit card and paypal payment. If you wish to make a regular payment by Standing Order for a regular delivery of milk, please click here and follow the instructions.
The milk will be put into two pint polybottles, so a ten pint pack will consist of five two pint polybottles, and sent to you via a national courier in a sealed insulated cardboard box. We do deliver our milk in one pint glass bottles on our two very local milk rounds (I believe raw milk is better in glass), but glass bottles only work if they are returned, otherwise the cost is a great deal more. Also, the packaging and courier cost would be greater if glass was used to contain our milk to be sent around the country. So as much as I dislike polybottles, I don't think we could offer a nationwide raw milk delivery service using glass.  We may also be selling our glass bottles, so that you could have some of our lovely bottles, with different cows from our herd on them, to put your milk into!
If you will not be in when the milk arrives, please email us when you place your order, so that the delivery driver knows your special ‘leave safe’ instructions. For example, it maybe that your special instructions informs the driver to leave the milk safe with a neighbour, or to leave the milk in a green box by your backdoor, etc.
Our milk can last between 5-7 days in a cold in a fridge, the best place in the fridge is the main body as it is colder there, rather than in the door. Raw milk sours rather than goes off, as it is a live product the timescale it takes to start to sour can vary. It will start to taste cheesy and is perfect for cooking in your savoury dishes if you dislike the taste to drink. The milk freezes really well in the poly bottles it arrives in, they expand nicely without splitting. The poly bottles are BPA free. Freezing will also help prolong the life of the milk if you pop the surplus milk into your freezer when it arrives you should still achieve the 5-7 days after defrosting. Also, the milk will really settle, with a cream line within a few hours. If the milk is not shaken, in three or four days, the cream will become solid right at the top, so you may want to shake the bottles every other day if they are not used immediately. In the warmer months we advise that you include Ice sheets with your order to assist with keeping it cooler in transit.