On our national delivery service, the milk is delivered to you in polystyrene lined cardboard boxes, unfortunately the couriers are unable to take your empty boxes back when they deliver your fresh milk, we have to book a separate collection. Polystyrene can be difficult to dispose of. We are therefore pleased to be able to collect your clean polystyrene packaging from you and re-use it, if we are unable to utilise it, the manufacturer will take it back from us and turn it into garden furniture.


  • 1. Keep the polystyrene packaging
  • 2. Fill at least Ten boxes full of polystyrene packaging, we find that if you stack the same size pieces together, it is more efficient.
  • 3. When you have at least ten boxes full of packaging, let us know that you have ten boxes ready for collection.
  • 4. Please state which day you will be home for the courier to collect your boxes (not Saturday or Sunday) and we will book the courier to call.
  • 5. Ensure the boxes of polystyrene packaging are not taped together.
  • 6. Ensure that the boxes have the following clearly on them: 'HOOK AND SON' and our postcode 'BN27 1ER'
  • 7. To ensure that we are not charged for a ‘failed collection’ we would prefer it if you could be at home on collection day.
  • 8. This service is completely free to you!
  • 9. However if you do forget to put your returns out we do get charged £10.00 by the couriers! Thank you!!

We can re-use the packaging which is fantastic. If the polystyrene is damaged, don't worry, we will still collect it, as our packaging supplier will collect it from our farm and recycle it.