• June 2018…
We are still waiting for the Animal & Plant Health Agency (APHA) to confirm the 1st of our TB herd short interval tests, which is due any time soon.  We will then have to wait 60 days after this test for the 2nd short interval herd TB test.
Providing both of these are clear, we will be able to start selling raw milk again, which will probably be in the autumn.  The timescale of these tests is completely out of our hands, which is why it is taking longer than we originally thought!
At the moment, the APHA have no evidence that we have TB, but nonetheless because we had a heifer react to the TB skin test back in April, we lost our official TB free status and therefore we need to pass the 2 short interval skin tests to regain our official TB free status that we need to sell raw milk. 
Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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