• A Message from Steve …
  • about our Crowdfunding Campaign …
  • to all our customers

Our crowdfunding campaign finished at midnight on Tuesday 12 July 2016 and unfortunately we did not reach our target of £300,000 to help buy a second farm. The final total raised was £184,790.00, leaving us £115,210.00 short of the target. Phil and Steve would like to thank everyone who invested, it was a great campaign with 274 investors, pledging from £10 to £10,000.
So what next for Hook and Son? Phil and Steve may have to put buying a second farm on the back burner for the moment, though the need for a second farm is pressing. We do have enough grazing for this summer, and enough forage for the winter. What we do for grass for our cows next year is the unknown, but we believe that we can maintain the current milk supply for the next year, so you will still be able to source your supply of raw milk.
We have gained a few ideas from the crowdfunding campaign, and our business is always evolving. We have just started to make a little raw yoghurt, which is selling well, and are looking at developing other products too. Watch this space, we may yet launch another crowdfunding campaign to help fund the processing facilities and equipment we need, and hopefully that would be Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) eligible!
So, as you can see, all is not lost, in fact we are still extremely positive going forward. Thank you again for all your support; we think that not only have we got the most lovely cows, a great team on the farm; the best milk, but also we have got the most amazing customers too!
With Best Wishes from everyone here at Hook and Son


Phil has been on the farm all his life, establishing the herd in 1959 and gaining tenancy in 1972. Stephen is Phil's eldest son and he joined the partnership in 1991.  Our aim is to manage a dairy herd that is truly sustainable; caring for the wildlife and environment around us, whilst making the farm viable enough to support our family. We converted the farm to organic farming methods in 1998, achieving Soil Association certification in August 2000. This means that we farm without the use of any chemicals or routine antibiotics.  We sell our milk on our two local milk rounds, farmers markets in London, including Borough Market, and also offer a pioneering nationwide delivery service.
Delivering our milk to you straight from the farm means that not only is it extremely fresh, you also know the exact source of your milk. With our weekly newsletter you can really get to feel that you are part of the farm. Don't forget, our milk is raw milk, it hasn't been pasteurised or homogenised, and nothing has been added or taken away. The pastures are free of fertilisers and pesticides. This means that our milk is extremely natural and pure. We work with nature, so that our cows are happy in a stress free environment. The national average life of a dairy cow is six years. Our cows' average age is nine!

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